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Back for you-One direction in pittsburgh floor seat 7/8/13

one direction twitter questions in pittsburgh

Teenage Dirtbag in pittsburgh. The best video I have ever taken in my life, everything is SO clear!!



so um i got hockey horny bored and after i saw that post

i just like looking at them really… and marveling at pie’s ability to well, pie

I think u forgot 


There’s something magical about the vibe in a hockey rink.


FINALLY GOT EVERYTHING FROM MY CAMERA ON MY COMPUTER AND FOUND THIS GEM!!!! I DIDN’T KNOW WE GOT A VIDEO OF LUKE SEEING ME THE FIRST TIME!! Look at :02-:07  it’s the one second my camera goes out of focus but you can tell!!!

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So I totally forgot to say Paul walked next to my row! it was so crazy to see him in person. HE’S SO BIG. also when the buses pulled in he was sitting in the front image


So this is harry’s speech. Liam walks over to Louis and you see him at :53 pointing to us with the sign “Take me backstage!” so far this is the only video I could find. If any of you find one please send it to me. It’s Harry’s speech in between “More than this” and “One Thing”

look at 2:04 and you see Niall looking at my sign that says “We drove 11 hours!” then giving me a fist pump pretending to drive then giving me a thumbs up! THEN at 3:37 Niall sees my “horan hug?” sign and he gives me an air hug!!!

my experiences during TMH concert 7/8/13:

in order

Luke: so my seat was section 1 (to the right of the stage) row n (12) but since rows are tightly packed it’s equivalent to row 7. during their opening song I held up my poster that said “CAN I B LUKES BABE?” And he saw it immediately and smiled and laugh then nodded!!! Then I held it up later hoping he’d say something in the mic like yes you can or something but he kept making eye contact throughout their show <3

Calum: When he was on our side of the stage I held up my “WE DROVE 11 HOURS!” sign and he looked at me and gave me a shocked face then nodded like “good for you impressive”


Harry: All the boys are on the left of the stage and I’m getting pics of them then my dad nudges me telling to look and it’s Harry all by himself to our side and is waving to everyone and he stops waving so everyong puts their hands down then I put mine up and am jumping and he waved to me! HARRY FREAKING STYLES SAW ME AND WAVED TO ME

Liam: So since I had gotten noticed already I tried helping the girls behind me get noticed by liam. So during Harry’s speech louis is sitting on the stair and liam is standing next to him leaning on the stairs and us 4 girls are holding their sign that says “Take us backstage!” And liam points to it and stares at the sign reading it then looks over to louis and says something then points again to us! (I’ll put the video I found on)

NIALL!!!: so Niall is my love so this means so much, during Moments when they’re on the flying stage right after louis’ solo he turns over and sees my sign that says “WE DROVE 11 HOURS!” and he gives me a fist pump then pretends to drive with a steering wheel and then gives a thumbs up! Then later when they’re doing the chorus after Zayn’s solo he sees my sign that says “HORAN HUG?” and he gives me an air hug. NIALL JAMES HORAN GAVE ME AN AIR HUG!! OMG. Then after a couple seconds he looks at me again and sees I’m freaking out almost crying and he just smiles and laughs. (FOUND NUMEROUS VIDEOS)

Louis: This isn’t as exciting but Louis kept looking on our side and i know for a fact he looked at me once then. Then when Niall is giving his speech at the end Louis, Zayn, and Harry were sitting on our side and Liam was laying down on the ground and Louis looked at us and I got a picture of it then made a funny face to the people a couple rows in front of me but that doesn’t really count. But he never waved or anything, but that’s okay

So yeah i know no one read this but whatever. best night of my life.



Sorry I haven’t been on in soooo long! I’ve been taking a break. BUT last night I went to the one direction concert in pittsburgh at the consol energy center. BEST NIGHT EVER!!! block 1 row n. And got noticed by Luke, Calum, Niall (3 times) Harry (2 times) Liam (once) and louis. I’ll tell about what happened in a sec

:&#8217;)Because its the cup

Because its the cup

He’s a warrior. I love that guy.
David Krejci, when asked about linemate Nathan Horton (via hortonhearsawooo)